Who doesn’t love a good burger?

Whether you’re a die-hard carnivore or a veggie burger lover, there’s something about layers of savoury goodness stacked upon each other and squashed between two slabs of bread that makes mouths water. Throw in a side of fries—potato or yam—and it’s party time for your palate.

I’ve been wanting to shoot burgers for a while and finally had the opportunity to create some new work with a fabulous team. Food stylist Jason Skrobar and I tossed around a few ideas and settled on six versions: an Ultimate Burger with smoked meat and blue cheese; a Night Burger with bacon, jalapeño relish, and fried onions; a Morning Burger complete with avocado, chilis, and luscious egg yolk; and a Burger Flight showcasing three non-beef burgers of falafel, fried chicken, and seared fish.

Rodeo Production provided the perfect space for our creative shoot. We kept things simple and without fuss, opting for minimal props styling courtesy of the talented Emily Nolan, so that our burgers could really shine. My 1st assistant/digital tech, Ed Kowal, helped to construct our lighting (my go-to setup). Direct lighting adds drama and punch to an image, giving it crisp highlights and defined shadows while also pulling the richness of food forward.

Overall, a successful shoot. I’m really happy with how these turned! Now on to the next project… 🙂

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