Regale: Best Art Film

When I set out to create my three micro films—Regale, Burn, Smokescreen—I did so because I had these little stories to tell that weren’t leaving me alone. These three personas of women kept poking at me, leaving my subconscious to enter my waking thoughts on a weekly basis until, a year later, I decided I needed to bring them into the world.

And from a business stand point, I also needed to create directorial work in order to get similar (paid) work down the line. That was it. Outside of the need to create and the need for more work, I didn’t have any other objectives. So it was a nice surprise from the Universe when Rodeo Production reached out to me, after seeing Smokescreen, asking if I’d like to join their roster (which I responded to with a resounding “yes!”). I moved back to Toronto without any real plan on how to get work here nor did the idea of getting representation in Canada even cross my mind, but I’m SO thankful that it happened!

But it didn’t end there. By sharing those three films on Instagram (and tagging them properly—so important), they caught the attention of the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival who asked me to submit my work. So I did and this happened.

Regale won Best Art Film for August 2021! A nice surprise indeed. And my other two films, Smokescreen and Burn, went on to receive Honorable Mentions.

I’ve always felt comfortable with sharing my work as a photographer, and as I’ve grown as a commercial director, I’ve become equally at ease with posting my motion work. The commercial industry is one that I’ve known for a long time. I started off as an account executive, then became an art director, and now work in commercial production. But the film industry is an entirely different beast. It’s daunting, to say the least. There’s a lot of uncertainty that can bombard you on a daily basis. But by taking these three baby steps for myself—the need to create without expecting any recognition—I feel like I’ve stepped off the sidelines and onto the playing field.

Now, to keep going… 🙂

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