New Work: Sabra

A new 15s spot for Sabra but with two versions. During the VO session, the creatives threw in some lines as a joke; a little smack talk, if you will. Well, the client loved them and decided to run with both, forgoing the original script. 🙂

Many thanks to the client, agency/creatives, my awesome producers, kickass crew and our post-production folks for their stellar team work on this one!

Client: Sabra Canada

Agency: Arrivals + Departures

Agency Producer: Brie Gowans

CD/Art Director: Anton Ratinsky

CD/Copywriter: Jeff Collins

Produced by & shot at RODEO PRODUCTION

Executive Producer: Vahid Tizhouch

Senior Producer: Coey Kerr

Production Coordinator: Kathleen Burgess

Director: Deepi Ahluwalia

DoP: Zachary Koski

1st AC: Adam Quinn

Gaffer: Igor Alves

Grip: Jack O’Brien

G&E Swing: David Grif

DIT: Jamie Phong

Food Stylist & Set Builder: Nicole Billark

Food & Set Stylist Assistant: Kay Pollock

Post-Production: BLVD MTL

VFX Producer: Carolie Legault-Lanouette

Producer/Audio Supervisor: Joannie Tremblay

Editor/Colourist: Jamie Phong

Sound Mixer: René-Pierre T. Guérin

Talent–Hand Model: Malcolm @ Dulcedo Management

Talent–VO: Chimwemwe Miller

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